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Образец (пример) резюме - менеджер по продажам (английский)

Resume Sample

Oleg Shorin

Dmitrov Street 13, Kiev, Ukraine
Mobile phone: +38 050 3333333
E-mail: o_shorin@fm.ua
Summary :

  • 10 years sales experience (consumer electronics, industrial machinery and automation, heating equipment, refrigeration, FMCG).
  • MBA Economics; Master's Degree in Electronics Engineering.
  • Fluent English, Ukrainian, Russian and spoken Polish.
  • Practical knowledge of PC hardware and various electronic devices.

Sales Manager Ukraine / Country Sales Representative or attractive job in Western Ukraine.

Work Experience:

Since 03.2004 - Mrloni Termosanitari
Position: Regional Sales Manager, Western Ukraine (10 regions).

Products: gas combiboilers, gas water heaters, electrical water heaters.
Customers: wholesalers and retailers, construction companies, consumer electronics stores, installation service companies.
Prepared regional market for opening of MTS-Ukraine warehouse in July 2004 and introduction of MTS gas products. Made market researches and participated in price policy development. Built distribution net across the region. Concluded agreement with the biggest player on the regional market and placed regional stock in his premises. In 2004 sold only in my region two times more boilers than all Ukrainian dealers in previous year. 50% turnover growth in 2005.
Prepared and conducted trainings for partners' sales and technical staff.
07.2003 – 03.2004 - Bobst Group

Position: Market Development Manager.
Products: machinery for packaging industry.
Customers: printing and packaging companies.
Explored Ukrainian market of printing and board converting companies. Configured machines according to the customer needs, prepared offers, made presentations, coordinated interactions between customers and Bobst Headquarters.
In five months started four projects of total value 2,6 mln Swiss Francs and finalized one of them with signing 555’000 CHF contract.
In addition performed duties of system administrator – ensured functioning of local area network, Internet, all PC hardware and software in the office.

12.1998 – 07.2003 - Danfoss Group

Position: Regional Sales Manager.
Products: industrial automation, AC drives, measurement equipment; automation for heating and water supply; refrigeration equipment.
Customers: OEMs, processing plants, resellers, installation service companies, construction companies.
Reported directly to General Manager.
Worked closely with distributors and key customers in 9 regions of Western Ukraine on different levels – CEOs, Financial Directors, Engineers, etc.
Started working as a first Danfoss Regional Manager, created customers net (about 150 companies including distributors, oil refineries, food industry enterprises). Maintained close contact with existing customers and searched for potential clients. Sold both complete technical solutions and components. Developed a price policy and monitored the competitors' activities in the region. Provided customers with technical information and support; prepared and conducted trainings. Participated in tenders and exhibitions.

Several times was rewarded as the best regional salesman.
I had found and developed the best (by sales volume) distributor in Ukraine in heatmeter sector.

05.1998 – 09.1998 - Merloni
Position: Regional Representative.
Products: electric home appliances ( trademarks).
Customers: consumer electronics stores, wholesalers.
Co-operated with dealers in Western Ukraine (9 regions), prepared and conducted trainings for the dealers’ sales personnel, involved retailers into promotions, creatied and kept up-to-date database of companies dealing with domestic electric appliances, found new customers.

08.1996 – 05.1998 - Coca-Cola Amatil
Position: Sales Representative.
Products: soft drinks.
Customers: food stores, wholesalers.
Increased sales volume and product availability in my area, expanded customers network, supported promotions in the outlets, coordinated merchandisers' work.

1991 – 1996 - Assembled, sold and repaired computers and TV sets. Acquired practical knowledge of PC hardware, peripherial devices and software.


Ukrainian-native; Russian, English, Polish-fluent.


01.2000 – 04.2002 - Lviv Institute of Management (LIM)
International MBA Program with participation of teachers from US and British universities.
Manager-Economist Diploma and MBA Certificate.

10.2001 – 11.2001 - Danfoss A/S headquarters, Denmark.
Internship at Global Marketing Department.

04.2001 – 05.2001 - “LEADER” course in General Management prepared and carried out by teachers from Richard Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario.

09.1990 – 07.1995 - Technical University, Lviv, Ukraine

Major in electronics engineering.


12.2005 - "Value Selling and Sales Management" training, Bucharest, Romania.

10.2003 – 11.2003 - Product specific training in Bobst SA, Lausanne, Switzerland.

08.2002 - “Leader” Personnel Development Center

“Client Relations Management” training.

1998 – 2003 - A number of technical trainings related to industrial automation; AC drives; cooling, heating, board converting equipment.

12 – 18.06.1999 - “Mercuri International” consulting company
“Effective Sales Work” training.

02.1998; 10.1997 - Coca-Cola trainings for sales staff.

Other skills:
  • Microprocessor devices design, firmware design, working knowledge of AVR Assembler programming language.
  • Experience in small business registration and respective accounting.
  • Advanced PC user (OS: Windows 9x, Me, NT (installation, configuring)
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills.
  • Easy learning.
  • Driver’s license since 1992, great driving experience, good knowledge of car mechanics and electronics.

Personal data:

Born in 1973.


Electronics, alpine skiing, volleyball, car mechanics.


Letters of Recommendation available from previous employers.

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